Pour over coffee with a V60

Manual coffee making methods are becoming more and more popular both at home and in trendy coffee shops.

The ability to control every single variable in the brewing process to create YOUR perfect cup of coffee - not how Arlo at your local hipster coffee shop thinks you should enjoy it.

These tips are suggestions; a starting place for beginners; as Arlo will tell you a lot will depend on factors such as batch size, pour rate, roast level, processing method and other such mumbo jumbo.

Experiment and adjust to taste!


Start with 60 grams of coffee for every 1 litre of water - adjusting this ratio will have a knock on effect, so grab a pen and paper and make notes!

(a one person serving is approximately 21g coffee to 350ml water)


Arlo will insist on thoroughly filtered water, heated to exactly 192 degrees Fahrenheit. Stick the kettle on - let it come to the boil, give it a minute and crack on.


A slow pouring swan neck style kettle could on go your Birthday wishlist if you decide this is the right brewing method for you, but if you’re just starting out anything that will help you control the pour will be good. A glass jug will suffice.


Something around medium-fine (looks finer than sand, not as fine as espresso)



Ok, now the fun part - I can nearly smell the coffee…

For a one person serving start with 21g coffee, 350ml water. Place the filter in the V60 with your carafe, cup, jug, bucket, vessel of choice underneath and rinse the filter with hot water - this removes the paper taste and warms your chosen vessel. (throw this water out)

Add the ground coffee and settle so it’s level.

Slowly and carefully pour just enough water to wet all the coffee (Arlo would be using scales - 40g water) and leave for 30 seconds.

After your 30 seconds watching the bloom (hot water forces the coffee to release trapped gases, expanding the coffee bed, bubbling at the surface - also smells amazing!) continue to pour the remaining water slowly in circular motions avoiding the edge - this would normally take Arlo around 2 minutes.

Once all the water has filtered through, sit back and enjoy.

Thoughts, comments, questions? Get in touch

Peace, Love and Pour Over

Jayne (Arlo)