Single Origin Speciality - Hermosa, Costa Rica

Single Origin Speciality - Hermosa, Costa Rica

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Before the arrival of CoopeDota RL where this coffee is produced, farming in the area was difficult.  Farmers had little or no expertise and the coffee was sold to middlemen who paid unfairly.

Two brothers sowed a plantation of two hectares and produced their coffee without the use of agrochemicals.

In the 1920s wet mills were built in San Pablo de Leon Cortes and Santa Maria, but there was so much uncertainty in prices that farmers turned to the National Bank which had a department where the farmers were given recommendations on how to process their own coffee and together formed CoopeDota RL Members.

This is a medium roast with flavours of Chocolate and Orange

 All our coffee is freshly roasted and sold either as whole beans, espresso or a cafetière grind. If you'd like a different grind, or have a question for us please get in touch and send us a message.