Single Origin Speciality - Ethiopia, Tega & Tula Michiti

Single Origin Speciality - Ethiopia, Tega & Tula Michiti

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 Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farm is two adjacent farms operating under one name.  They have a total area of 500 hectares with nearly 400 planted as coffee.

The farm sits between the villages of Tega and Tula in the Kaffa zone – considered by some to be the absolute birthplace of coffee.

The farm only produces specialty grade coffee and has full coffee traceability down to individual sublots, of which this coffee is the 'Michiti' Sublot.

This devotion to quality is helping Tega & Tula to not only produce great coffee but also preserve the natural beauty of the area and support the local community.

Single origin beans have their own unique flavours and smells, in this case it's great tasting, easy on the palette and a superb choice for both coffee enthusiasts and those who enjoy the occasional cup.

All our coffee is freshly roasted and sold either as whole beans, espresso or a cafetière grind. If you'd like a different grind, or have a question for us please get in touch and send us a message.